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My Story

Hey, my name is Coel Forsyth, I am from Kenora Ontario and for as long as I can remember I have had a fishing rod in my hand. My mom was the one that got me truly into fishing, she used to take me all around Kenora from dock to dock as a child catching whatever we could. As I continued to grow up I started fishing competitively with my dad around the region and have experienced some success in doing this. 

I started Tightline guide Service when I was fourteen and this was just a natural progression for me as I had been an enthusiast for the sport ever since I was little. It feels like just yesterday I was that same fourteen-year-old kid taking people out but I'm going on eight years of guiding now and wrapping up my degree at the University of Manitoba in Finance and Marketing. I plan to continue guiding for a while and once I'm done school I'm looking to expand this business into something that may be able to sustain the lifestyle that I'm currently submerged in. So this is a little bit about me and some of my aspirations, I hope that I will be able to chat more with most of you at some point on the water 


Coel Forsyth 

About me: About Me
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