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Overlooked trout

I used to find myself consistently targeting trout in the 40-80 foot range. I never used to give much consideration to trying to find them in alternative places, but these fish do have a tendency to cruise the shallows in the winter months; being open-minded in targeting these fish and putting the time in has helped me be able to target these less pressured fish with success. Typically I look for shallower bays that have narrow entrances when trying to target these fish. Don't let the depth turn you off when first trying this I have caught them in as shallow as 4-6 feet, I like using tip-ups with frozen bait and rip baits. Additionally, I prefer to look for mud bottoms when targeting them this way; I find it holds more fish. So next time you're out in the Winter months targeting trout give some thought to moving up and fishing shallow.

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